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Coin Master is an epic adventurous game for new generation. In a seemly manner, it is getting more famous day by day. This game is very simple, can be played with million of other players all around the world. This a multiplayer game which is easily connected via Facebook account or you can download it from play store and iOS store. It is an adventurous journey of a viking king who wants to get coins and spins.

With the help of spinning wheel and by rotating it you will get free coins and other important items. These items will help you to attack other people’s village. Everybody makes their own village and by spinning you will determine your fate in the game.

Coin Master Free Spins

If you’re a person who loves to enjoy new games then you must be aware of it. This is the era of many unique games, people get bored with simple games, they prefer games on battles and raids.

Coin Master is not a boring game, you will play against millions of players around the world. This game is very simple, you can be a viking, warrior, hippie, king or pirate. Graphics are lifted to a whole new level in this game, interesting as well as entertaining.

Once you indulge in playing it you will become addict sooner or later. Addiction is to get more coins and spins. Casino style spin wheel has started a new revolution for this era because people are becoming more addicted to game. By upgrading it gradually, it is engaging more lot.

Of course getting more spins is like a dream for a Coin Master player. There are 2 ways to get coins; Either get them from your friends or use Coin Master free spin generator.

A guide for the Beginner:

After downloading the game you need to test all methods and cheats to know about, but it will not work till now. By following these tips you will win over your enemy. Here are few points which you should follow;

  1. First of all you should play daily if you are looking for free spins. Free spins are provided at intervals. If you are not playing this game on daily basis then don’t think that you will get a lot of free spins or these spins will be accumulated. To get more spins, spend more time on the game. Play it daily to get more coins and spins.
  2. If you will subscribe newsletter then you will receive daily rewards in the form of free spins and coins.
  3. This game is connected to your Facebook account. By connecting it will get free spins and coins. If you share it on your wall, as a result more people will join you in this game. Friends will also send free spins and coins to each other.
  4. You should constantly keep on building your village and upgrade it as soon as possible so that you won’t be attacked by enemy. Try to unlock new villages and make your village powerful so that you can save your area before you log off.
  5. When you will upgrade your village, you will be rewarded with the unlocking of new villages. Whenever you will upgrade your village then you will surely unlock a new level and get a new village.
  6. Invite more friends to play this game because it will give you more free spins and coins. If you paste your game link on any social media then whoever will join this game by using your link, you will get 25 free spins. boohoo
  7. Another way to get free coins or spins is to watch video Ads which are present during the game. If you spend time on watching them you might get 15000 coins and free spins.
  8. There is another tool which will help you to get thousand of coins is ” Online generator tool”.

How to play Coin Master:

  • To play  Coin Master you must login Facebook and use slots for loot.
  • Spinning is most important to get coins, pig face or hammer etc
  • By spinning, you will determine fate in the game.
  • To be a winner, you need to get more spins.
  • More coins means more chances to win.

Battles and Raids:

  • Without spinning, you can get coins by attacking other vikings.
  • Raiding will help you to find hidden treasures in the enemy village.
  • Constant fighting is the key to victory.
  • If you get attacked, fight back and make sure you have enough spins.
  • If you get shields on the slots, it will protect you from enemy attack. Attacker will be blocked and won’t make any damage.
  • When attacking the enemy village, you will have the option to attack any building which you like to loot.
  • Revenge attack on your village.
  • You can also attack from your friend’s village.

Spins to earn your loot:

  • Spin the wheel to get attack time, loot, shields or raids.
  • Get stronger by looting other villages.
  • Win shields to protect your village.
  • Become the strongest village by looting most villages.


  • Collect treasure.
  • Complete card sets and move on to the next village.
  • With every new village, you will get stronger and greater.

How to get coin master free spins:

There are three ways to get free spins.

  • Get free spins links and coins : Daily Free Spins Links
  • Free spins from your friends
  • Get free spins by using Coin Master free spins generator.

Free spins from your friends:

You can give free spins to your friends and they can send you too. Gifting a spin will not cost any coins. You need to follow these steps to give and receive up to 50 each time.

  • Click on the menu icon at the top right corner of the screen to open game menu.
  • Click on the Gifts to open the menu from there you will be able to send coins, spins and cards.
  • Your balance will remain same, you will loose nothing y sending free spins.
  • If you invite people to play this game and they accept your request then you will receive 25 free spins.
  • Coin Master spins are limited as you can only get 50 spins at a time.

What is Coin Master free spins generator:

It is developed to get free coins quickly. The development of the app was not an easy task. It took long process to debug the app. You need to fully understand the tricks and some cheats of the code to get unlimited spins.

The recommended Coin spins generator:

The Coin Master spin generator is one of the best online game but few people get frustrated by limited amount of free spins. This Coin Master generator is free unlike other generators that ask you to pay. It will help you to get unlimited free spins. This Coin Master generator will help you to develop on the Coin Master game. It does not need any human verification.

Thankfully you do not need to pay any money or hassle to get free spins. From this platform you can collect a lot of free spins and coins on daily basis. All you need to do is to pay close attention and click on the link that is given in free links segment.

How to generate free spins:

  • First of all, put your real Coin Master username. Write it carefully otherwise you will give free spins to someone else.
  • Next choose your device type which you use to play.
  • Select the amount of coins that you wish to generate. Make sure to select the more numbers as you can.
  • You can probably use the tool many times.
  • After you finished the form, click on “Generate now!”.It will activate the tool and run the script. The script will not use your device resources.
  • In 99% cases, people get a lot of free spins and coins.

Features of generator:

  • Unlimited free spins
  • Unlimited coins
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • No human verification
  • Add username to get free spins instantly on your phone.
  • Fully secured site with SSL security.
  • Tool is updated daily
  • Written in Java programming language.
  • Compatible with all mobile and desktop devices.

Drawback of the Spin generator:

  • If you are kind of person who loves to do every task then free spins are not for you.
  • Free Coin Master spins will take some fun out of the game.
  • Free spins are some pieces of software which might stop working at any time.
  • Whenever game is updated, these generators stop working which is very annoying.
  • Some coin generators require human verification.

Download Coin Master Game:

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