Download Cheats

 To get a lot cheats you should get aware of the game’s rules. Send more than 5 cards per day and change the date because it will stop the timer and your pet can stay active longer. There are some rare cards available on gift menu. Once you get these rare cards you can trade them for new cards. Super betting enables us to get more chests.  You must buy chests for at least 1 billion on each level up to 50th level. To complete more sets you should buy more chests for at least 1.5 or 2 billion to get more cards. You can bet x50 every time but don’t do it all the time. There is a card boom event from there you can buy chests.  More friends needed in order to raid other villages because it is going to help you to win more coins.

Here are the few tricks to get chests:

      • Look at the last card in the chest and count the stars, if it has 2 stars buy a wooden chest, if 3 stars then buy a golden chest, if 5 then buy a magical chest. With this trick you can get more cars.
      • Start buying wooden chests until the last card is 3 stars. Then buy golden chest and keep going until 4 star cards left. Lastly go for magical chests.
      • Buy 20 wooden chests, 20 golden chests and 20 magical chests.
      • After reaching on new level, buy more chests.
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