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Coin Master is a mobile game which has been created for three formats such as Facebook, Android and iOS. Here, we will discuss the each point of this game. Hopefully this guide will help you to know the whole process of how to play Coin Master.  No age limit is selected for this game everybody can play it for the satisfaction of their mind. It is very famous and successful between kids and adults. Coin Master is basically revolves around a spinning machine slot which help you to generate a lot of coins. This spinning slot gives us various items which are useful in the game. Everyone has his own village that you need coins to get update. Game is totally free for everyone. You are Viking here and you must update your village according to the strategy. At the start you will get 75000 coins in your account balance. You have to buy a village in 60000 coins. Upgrading of your village will help you to get one star. You need 20 stars to move to another village.

Spinning the slot machine is very important because it will give you coins and other items after every spin. If you get 3 same symbols after spinning, you get the best rewards. If you get 3 shields then you will get more 50 shields. If you get 3 coins then you get more coins. More coins depending on the level of your village, higher the level then higher the number of coins. If you get 3 hammers then you can raid other villages. 3 pigs will help you raid on Coin Master which is displayed on top of the slot machine.  Game coins are important but if you get 3 bags in slot machine then it is good. Don’t be sad because still you can get some free coins. These 3 bags can provide a better amount of gold. You can quickly make progress in your game and buy more items for the village.

How to get free spins in Coin Master?

You can get free gifts from your friends.  Friends can send 10k coins or free spins. Whenever you send a gift to your friend then he or she get the opportunity to return the gift. It helps you to get more free spins. Another way to get free spins is right under the slot machine. There you can notice an energy capsule. This energy capsule is actually a symbol of promotional video. If you see one video you will get one spin.

If you connect your game with Facebook then you will get these benefits;

      • 25 free spins
      • Bonus of 1 million coins
      • Compete with your friends

Coin Master also gives you free lucky spins. These free spins keep the game interesting.  Coin Master allows users to encourage other people and once they accept the request you will get 25 free spins, if you invite 10 people then 250 free spins and if you invite 100 people then 2500 free spins.

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